Invest in Parallel

It’s always exciting to bring a new television or film project to life. And expensive! It is our intention to create a top-quality episodic series that features the best story and Texas talent we can possibly assemble. To accomplish that, we could use your help! We are currently seeking investors to help us finish out the trailer and to fund the pilot and first 1/2 season. Not in for the big bucks? That’s okay! Earn rewards for simply donating through our GoFundMe campaign.

You can get started today by donating $1 and receiving a digital copy of our first-run poster featuring our youngest star, Maya Clarady, as “Katy.” If you’re interested in prints of any of the photos, posters or stills, visit our photo page.Please complete the contact form below if you would like to discuss investing in the “Parallel” trailer or first six episodes or are interested in coming on board as an Executive Producer.Investor’s Inquiry Form.

Benefits Levels:

(Based on total donations from a single donor within a production season.)
  • Level 1: Digital copy of the PDUS poster for your computer, phone or tablet
  • Level 2: A thank you on our website
  • Level 3: An autographed still or headshot featuring your favorite PDUS star
  • Level 4: A walk-on part in a future episode
  • Level 5: Tickets to the premier event or meet the cast or crew
  • Level 6: IMDB thank you and/or product/logo placement in one scene
  • Level 7: 0.25% of pilot or single episode profits OR product placement in one episode
  • Level 8: 1.25% pilot or single episode profit OR product placement in up to 3 episodes
  • Level 9: 2.5% of profits of pilot or single episode OR product placement in up to 6 episodes. (Additional negotiated benefits dependent upon total investment)
Min $ Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
$1 Y
$25 Y Y
$100 Y Y Y
$500 Y Y Y Y
$2500 Y Y Y Y Y
$5000 Y Y Y Y Y Y  Y
$25000 Y Y Y Y Y  Y Y
$50k+ Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Complete this form to inquire about investing in “Parallel: Dimension Under Siege.”