FAQ – Join the Team

Are cast & crew positions paid? What do I get for participating?

  • The trailer will be SAG-deferred/unpaid as it will be SAG Demo Signatory
  • Food will be provided at each shoot
  • Demo-reel-quality clips will be provided for speaking roles upon request following production
  • Pending budget/financing of the first six episodes, we hope to pay at SAG rates for union talent, negotiated rates for non-union speaking and featured roles. (This will depend upon total budget.)

Will I receive IMDB Credit?

  • Crew, speaking roles and featured extras/background will receive IMDB credit pending IMDB approval of the project.
  • All investors, cast & crew will be credited on our web page.

Is my travel paid?

  • We are looking for only local talent at this time. Those who choose to travel for auditions or production must do so at their own expense.

Is this one of those agency/film school scams?

  • No, this is a real demo trailer and episodic television project by a group of independent production companies.

Why are you so enigmatic about the plot?

  • The film & television industries are extremely competitive and theft of intellectual property is a common issue writers/creators must face every day. Those who invest or are selected as part of the cast or crew will receive more details as necessary to fulfill their roles until production is significantly complete.

How are you funding this project?

  • While we are currently footing the bulk of expenses ourselves, we are actively seeking private investors to support filming of the trailer.
  • We will use the trailer to expand our fundraising efforts via film festivals, online campaigns and investment networks/private investors.

Why are you only auditioning kids 10 and up?

  • There are special rules that apply to younger children acting in film and television. At this time, we plan to work only with those who are eligible to shoot up to 8 hours per weekend day.

What special paperwork must I complete to allow my minor child to act in this project?

  • All minors must complete a Texas Workforce Commission Application for Child Actor/Performer Authorization form and obtain a work certificate from TWC.