Red Carpet Fun @worldfest

There’s nothing in an #actorslife like that red carpet moment. Parallel: Dimension Under Siege co-stars Maya Clarady and Romen L. McPherson made the most of their #OpeningNight appearance at Worldfest Houston this past Friday for the WorldFest Premiere of Rob Reiner’s “LBJ” and Panaroma China’s “Looking for the Holy Land.” Yeah, we know stars are supposed to look all celebrity-perfect-like on the red carpet. But just ask Romen, tweens are unpredictable at best in front of a camera lens. We happen to love these candid little moments that make the PDUS stars’ personalities shine.

Romen, Maya, Jai, Taz, Shedrick and hopefully more of the PDUS cast and crew can be found right back at WorldFest’s AMC 30 on Dunvale for the WorldFest “Texas Shorts” screening of LaTeace‘s heart-warming short film, Charlie’s Gift at 7 PM in theater #17 TONIGHT (4/24/17). Tomorrow night the team will be back for the premiere of “Joy Comes in the Morning,” Shedrick Cortez-Stokes’ touching tale of a mother and daughter battling cancer at the same time.

Tickets and festival passes can be purchased at the WorldFest registration desk near the lobby at the Westchase Marriott on Briar Park. Hope to see you there!


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