Spring Break

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a chance to post updates on our project, Parallel: Dimension Under Siege. That’s because a LOT has happened since some of our cast and crew visited Park City, UT for #Sundance2017. So, we thought it was a good time to give a quick update.

Thanks to the incredible attention we received while in Utah, we’ve decided to do this thing right. We’ve talked to several potential investors and received guidance from some of our friends currently working on projects at Fox. As result, we’re updating our sizzle reel/extended trailer and expanding our proposal packet. Sure, that slows things down a bit, but it seems PDUS has such potential we’ve decided to take a more formal approach than our usual Texas indie just-get-it-done ways.

This little break has been an outstanding opportunity for some of our key cast members to attend to film festival season and other projects. Congrats, LaTeace Towns-Cuellar (“Isis Rah”), for the many festival honors recently bestowed on your project, Charlie’s Gift. (Check it out at SIFF17 or Worldfest Houston in the coming weeks.) Our tween star Maya Clarady (“Katy”) landed the lead in two more indie projects to be shot this year while Marilyn Swick (“Elder Suud”) sailed off to China after shooting her role for Psychosis. Co-Producer Shedrick Cortez-Stokes tapped our writers Jai Aitch and Tammy “Taz” Diaz, to pen the pilot for his project, The Web of EveRomen McPherson (Agent Mark Johnson) will show up in at least 3 additional films in 2017 and has been tapped to co-star in a major project with some big names we can’t announce just yet. You can catch Dreah Marie (“Ma’at Rah”) in Greenleaf, and Kristin Cochell (“Agent Emma Cage”) in TEN new projects this year.

A special thanks to photographer Will Thompson (@shootwhatyoulove) for the gorgeous photo of our cast and crew members.



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